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My heart aches for you all and while it's not much, my donations are there for you.

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From San Francisco...sending best hopes to you after your terrible earthquakes.
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Wishing you all safe shelter from the storm.
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San Francisco fog... we're livin' it! =)

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From one of my Culture list peeps who talks about: "arguing on the internet. Interesting things here, involving sexism, male privilege, and Angry Internet Men".


and then this:
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Over one month after the initial explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, crude oil continues to flow into the Gulf of Mexico, and oil slicks have slowly reached as far as 12 miles into Louisiana's marshes. According to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, more than 65 miles of Louisiana's shoreline has now been oiled. Based on low estimates, at least 6 million gallons of crude have spewed into the Gulf so far - though some scientists have said they believe the spill already surpasses the 11 million-gallon 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill off Alaska as the worst in U.S. history. (39 photos total)

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This past year brought joy and sadness and just whole lots of challenges to us all (some of which I could have just as easily done without) but I'm working to concentrate on the good things.

Just one of the many good things is making yall's online acquaintance!

Wishing us all a happier more peaceful 2010!
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Sitting with my Mom in neurological ICU in Harborview hospital in Seattle.

While I was in California seeing my new grandbaby... Mom was off on an Alaskan adventure.

She was heading back to the lower 48 and in Watson Lake, Yukon Territories when she had a stroke and, apparently, a heart attack.

She would have loved to know that she got to ride in a Lear Jet to Seattle.

I have had John Lennon's song lyrics in my head for days now "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans"

Mom in 1951

my beautiful mom in 1951 soon after she gave birth to me
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Leaving for California in just a couple of hours... for 6+ whole weeks \o/

I've missed my west coast family! ...and then there's that soon to be welcomed grandbaby!

Will most likely be spamming yall soon... all those obligatory baby pix doncha know! =D
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I'm just happy to be here! ::toasts::

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End of Day 10 without power.

I am NOT a happy camper.
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Helping to spread the word...

[ profile] counteragent's little sister-in-law (14 yo) is very sick. Her diagnosis is uncertain and right now the family is searching for people they call "comparables" -- people with similar symptoms and treatments that they've used.

Please, take a few minutes and check out their blog at (There are also links there to more detailed information about her condition for medical professionals.)
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Figured I should share a poem for poetry month...

Tulip Elegies-II

Geese bleat over the roof, conversing
somehow with stars as we drowse
beneath constellations of beating wings.
Rearranging staggered lines they steer
a sunward pattern, calling out
as they fly, naming the long way.

Below, under shovels of dirt
the dead move imperceptibly,
turning into other shapes of life.
Tulip bulbs shift under dark horizons
of winter and wedge against years
of decayed shale. Shoots form within,

still trapped, and a miniature blossom
waits in each bleached kernel. Last spring
winged leaves fed this future and wilted.
Now, unmoved by geese or moonlight,
bulbs listen through solstice nightfall
for the searing call of one hot star.

Denise Low
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Happy New Year everyone!

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Okay, so I have a flat tire and can't get it fixed until... well... sometime later than now... so I'll just post about food...

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