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They've been building on this monstrous house for over a year... it's over 11K sq ft... and from what the neighbors tell me, an older couple will be living there... no children... so what does one do with 11K sq ft of house?

The pool house is bigger than my cottage fer godssake! The construction sounds have been annoying... especially when they were cutting the tile for the huge pool that's directly behind the house... and now, finally, it appears they might be finishing up... there's only the sounds of the big earth moving machines and dump trucks (replacing what they scraped away to build the house in the first place) getting the back yard area ready for landscaping...

I've got the creek and a goodly number of trees and forest growth between me and them... but I'm really looking forward to the ceasing of continuous noise!

Date: 2007-10-13 02:09 am (UTC)
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I feel more kindly toward CA in hindsight than how I felt about it when I was there. At the time, I couldn't believe anywhere could be so obsessed with itself, fixated on affluence or out of touch with the rest of the country. Then again, I was working in Sillyclone Valley. It's a weird place. People can become wealthy fast, and it seems to really mess with their heads. They forget it can all disappear just as fast. Still, the weather was good, the access to fresh food and diverse experiences unparalleled, and you can't beat it for public transportation or access to just about any service you need/want.

Then I left, and from what I saw it became apparent that it wasn't just CA that was self-absorbed, it had spread everywhere. Oy. KY was an "experience". I just hope it's an experience someone else wants to have so they will buy our house!


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