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They've been building on this monstrous house for over a year... it's over 11K sq ft... and from what the neighbors tell me, an older couple will be living there... no children... so what does one do with 11K sq ft of house?

The pool house is bigger than my cottage fer godssake! The construction sounds have been annoying... especially when they were cutting the tile for the huge pool that's directly behind the house... and now, finally, it appears they might be finishing up... there's only the sounds of the big earth moving machines and dump trucks (replacing what they scraped away to build the house in the first place) getting the back yard area ready for landscaping...

I've got the creek and a goodly number of trees and forest growth between me and them... but I'm really looking forward to the ceasing of continuous noise!

Date: 2007-10-12 11:18 pm (UTC)
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Ha! it really *is*... obscene, isn't it?... but this area (Wally World as we call WalMart) is flush with wealth (and debt I'm sure) and is not adverse to showing it...

The central valley scenario you mention is the same back here... if you want something smaller you're going to have to find an older, pre-existing structure or build your own... alas, back here, (and you know about this) some of those older homes are beginning to fall apart due to the high humidity and need a lot of retro-fitting... which is fine, if you do that sorta stuff.

The bigger the bedroom, the higher the separation (divorce) rate.

Hee! that's the *one* room that I'd want bigger... but maybe that's just the fall-out of me already being divorced, eh? ;) but yeah... my cottage has the perfect amount of space for me... and one of my favorite bits (that my cousin built in) is the washer and dryer in the bedroom...

Maybe I'll post some pix of my little cottage's interior... it really is unique... although I'll need to tidy up some :)

Date: 2007-10-13 12:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yep, when we first moved to KY we rented an older home. It was 1020 sq feet and built in the 40s. We seriously considered buying it, but by the time we put on a much needed roof, updated the wiring and plumbing and fixed the floors, it was cheaper to buy a new one. We were still tempted because it was in such a convenient location, but when I discovered water damage in the bathroom and we noticed that the neighborhood was starting to go into all rental mode, we bolted. I'll take functional space over larger space every time. :)

I like a larger bedroom, too, but I've found my idea of large isn't very big. My SIL's master BATH is 12x14! Her bedroom is bigger than our living room. I don't get it. (I do like a large bathroom, but that's going overboard.) But it's like several of us have said, it's all about competition. She and her sister compete over everything, and who has the bigger house is just one more thing on that list.

Considering most of the laundry is generated in the bedroom, that makes so much sense!


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